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PSI Services LLC (PSI) has 75 years experience of providing worldwide testing solutions to corporates, national and regional government agencies, professional associations and certifying bodies. PSI offers a comprehensive solutions-focused approach, from test development and psychometrics to delivery and results-processing. As well as managing a global network of secure test centers, PSI is committed to transforming the accepted test delivery model within our industry by improving convenience and accessibility for all test-takers. We combine a vast range and depth of experience in the testing industry with a passion for innovation.

This drive to innovate and leverage next-generation technologies has allowed PSI to develop test delivery models, many of which are unique to the testing industry, including:

  • Browser-based test platform

  • Performance-based testing in the Cloud

  • Online interactive proctoring

  • Record and review proctoring

  • Testing kiosks

  • Mobile offline test centers

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